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Types of Seizures

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Seizures can be broadly divided into two categories: generalized and partial. Generalized seizures affect both hemisphere of the brain from the beginning of the seizure, while partial seizures affect only part of the brain. Sometimes a seizure begins in one part of the brain and then spreads throughout. This is known as a partial seizure with secondary generalization.

Within these broad categorizations are many types of seizures and seizure syndromes. A seizure is a brief disruption of electrical activity in the brain. What occurs during the seizure is a function of whether the seizure is partial or generalized, and where in the brain the seizure activity is located.

A seizure syndrome is a condition characterized by a set of typical features including type of seizure, EEG patterns, clinical features, expected course of the disorder, precipitating features, expected response to treatment, and genetic factors. More information about seizure syndromes is available from the national Epilepsy Foundation.

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