Eligibility for Services

The Epilepsy Foundation of Rockford, IL provides the following services forthose who meet the inclusion criteria:

  • Case Management
  • Counseling
  • Seizure Management
  • Medication Financial Assistance
  • Advocacy
  • Telemedicine
    Access to Specialists

  • Referrals
  • Research
  • Art Therapy 
  • School Nurse Training
  • Community Education 
  • Seizure Recognition and First Aid Training

NCLUSION CRITERIA– Individuals with a diagnosis of epilepsy, or with episodes of concerns that
could be seizures and those with a brain injury (acquired or traumatic)

Support Groups 




Rockford Adults with Epilepsy:
Meets the 2nd Thursday of every month at 10 am and 
the 4th Thursday of of every month at 11am
Location: 321 West State Street, Rockford, IL
Contact: Greg 815-964-2689, ext. 109

Rockford support group for children and teens: 
Contact: Ben Slack 815-964-2689 ext. 101
bslack@efncil.org for more information.

Nothing from December 10, 2018 to January 9, 2019.