The Epilepsy Foundation is committed to people with epilepsy, their family members and caregivers; to advocating for funding for epilepsy programs, research, and a cure; to policies that promote research and innovation; to improving access to and coverage of quality care and essential services; and to the protection of the rights of individuals with disabilities. These broad goals guide our federal and state advocacy activities.

Advocacy Priorities for the Epilepsy Foundation center around:
Funding for Epilepsy Programs, Research & a Cure
Access to Care
Research & Innovation
Disability & Discrimination
Stay engaged with your local Foundation office during legislative season for specific information regarding the priorities in your area!  Federal updates can be found with Highlights from the Hill.


Image result for illinois state capitol
Illinois State Capitol Building. Image Courtesy of NBC Chicago.

Members of the Illinois Epilepsy community participate in statewide and national efforts to increase awareness of epilepsy and funding for research & services.

The Illinois Epilepsy Action Network is a grassroots advocacy network addressing issues affecting people impacted by epilepsy on the state and federal levels.

Speak Up, Speak Out is a grassroots advocacy network that connects citizens with their federal elected officials on issues of national important to the epilepsy community. Engaging with this site and signing up for the communications via email will keep you informed of issues specific to the epilepsy community from the federal level.

Teens Speak Up

Teens Speak Up! is a program that provides an opportunity for teens with epilepsy and their parents to visit the nation’s capital, receive advocacy training, meet with their legislators, and tell their personal stories. Teens Speak Up! is part of the Public Policy Institute.

Teens from across the country are nominated by affiliates and selected by the Foundation to participate in the program. After receiving training at TSU, each teen is asked to turn that training into action in their respective home districts through our Year of Service program.

The Epilepsy Foundation of North Central Illinois, Iowa & Nebraska has proudly nominated and sent teens every year of the program. See more about Teens Speak Up and find the delegates listed online.