Research and Advocacy Organizations

Epilepsy Foundation, the U.S. national organization that works for people affected by seizures.

Alliance for Epilepsy Research a grassroots advocacy organization formed to encourage and support innovative medical research for Epilepsy.

CarpeDB is a dynamic epilepsy genetics database sponsored by a National Science Foundation CAREER Award and the Department of Biological Sciences at The University of Alabama.

Epilepsy Therapy Development Project advances new and innovative therapies for people with epilepsy.

Citizens United For Research In Epilepsy is a grassroots advocacy organization raising funds and promoting a cure for pediatric epilepsy.

Parents Against Childhood Epilepsy is an organization that provides support for parents of children with epilepsy.

Center Watch is a comprehensive list of epilepsy clinical studies going on throughout the United States.

The Epilepsy Study Consortium is a group of scientific investigators from academic medical research centers who are dedicated to accelerating the development of new therapies in epilepsy to improve patient care.